Benefits of Hot Pilates

Hot Pilates

Regardless of your fitness level, if you want to improve your health or simply feel good in your body, Hot Pilates is for you. The series is designed and catered for beginners as well as experienced practitioners and is suitable for men and women. As you continue to do Hot Pilates regularly, you will notice how it evolves, adapting to your new level and needs. Although every class may feel different, you will always leave feeling refreshed.

Commitment is the key to reap the benefits. In order to see the results of Hot Pilates, we recommend at least three (3) times per week. When practiced regularly, Hot Pilates will help you to:

Hot Pilates
  • Burns fat
  • Weight loss
  • Improves sleep – helps with insomnia
  • Promotes sweating to detoxify the body – clear skin and complexion
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Warms up muscles, allows for a deeper stretch
  • Manages health conditions, such as depression, low back pain and arthritis